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RAM Quality

RAM quality philosophy is to offer “High Precision Services”. We also provide prompt and effective customer support to our clients to solve their queries.

  • General set of instructions to be followed for all projects and specific set of instructions, provided by the client, specific to the project.
  • Each project team has dedicated Quality Auditors/Controllers.
  • Every Engineering Drawing and Model produced undergoes rigorous quality check and is approved by the Quality Auditor.
  • Revisions are done if any errors are found during quality check and again ensured by the Quality Auditor before final dispatch.
  • Our vast experience in handling variety of projects helps in understanding your requirements and suggestions.
  • Qualified Project Managers with communications skills.


Quality Check Methodology

We do quality check by two different methods;

Absolute sampling/full checks for small scale engineering projects having less quantity of engineering drawings. In this method, each engineering drawing undergoes quality check by a qualified Auditor. Once Quality Auditor approves, they are sent to clients as final dispatch.


Acceptance Sampling for large scale and composite engineering projects, while having large quantity of engineering drawings. In this method, we decide that least acceptance index by taking total number of drawings/methods into consideration. One drawing / model from each such smallest cluster is taken for Quality Check by the Quality Auditor. Once approved, the drawings/models are sent to clients as final dispatch.